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She’s six feet tall with her black hair cropped into a a pixie cut with sallow skin (…um, I don’t think that means what you think it means sir.Or your imaginary girlfriend has Hep B.) and friendly eyes. ) AND the Goo Goo Dolls and photography (sure), dresses well but “doesn’t let hipster culture define anything she does” (Er… She’s looks like Shannyn Sossamon, loves to make him salmon and melon, and her name is Zoe (because it is).

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Although males and females both held positive attitudes toward dreaming, females experienced more emotionally disturbing dreams and felt unable to control their dreams.

Interactions between personality and gender emerged for behaviors associated with dreaming.

Hill Dream Interpretation With Heterosexual Dating Couples Dreaming: Journal of the Association for the Study of Dreams. Abstract: We examined the effectiveness of the Hill cognitive-experiential model of dream interpretation for working with male and female partners in heterosexual dating couples.

Hence, couples dream interpretation may be more helpful for women than men.

Greater effort may be needed to involve men in couples dream sessions in hopes that they will show more gains in relationship well-being and insight.

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