dating el salvador women - Do exes get back together after dating other people

Do exes get back together after dating other people

What you are getting is mixed signals - if he's told you that friends is all he see's, then that is probably the truth. Just tell urself it's a Rebound, He's desperate to get SOME or to keep him Company. And, no one will top them because they are unique in their own way. She will never do 1/2 the things I did for him, so he must be settling right now.

Unless he's clear that he wants to come back, try and move on, create a new life for yourself. That chick has your left over of him, All the things he done with you and now he's doing them With her. If you have been dating them for 2-3 years, they must have loved something about you ! We all have our good qualities about us, and "the other girl" has good qualities about her. ) I think in my case tho', he used me, but looking back, I could be totally wrong.

He knows that I'm following him on Twitter and still puts 'romantic'sentences on it.

On the contrary: on Facebook he doesn't write anything about that girl, I think he's scared that all his friends see it and are mad about what he's doing.

Were not at all in contact no on any social networking site also. ive helped him alot and he knows this im almost a mum figure in broke up cos of my friends, he couldnt hack with them interefing and wanting to know my bussiness all the tim, this was partly my fault and i know this !

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