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If everything is working well on your system, then you might be better off leaving everything as it is.If they do need updating, though, we’ve rounded up a number of different methods to help you.

Perform a system search for device installation settings and select the relevant result.

This will open a window that will let you set your preferences when it comes to automatic driver updates., you can select No, let me choose what to do in order to get specific.

If you prefer, you can set it so that your drivers are never updated automatically.

If you’ve had problems with the newest drivers being unstable then you’ll likely want to select this option, or if you’re of the belief that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, but it’s advisable by Microsoft to stick to automatic updates.

Here you’ll be able to view, amongst other information, the date the driver was published and its version number.

Last modified 16-Feb-2018 02:29