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The paper thus helps enriching the insights of the DPT beyond interstate conflicts. Complementing these structural causes with agential reasons, I further suggest that powerful state actors and persuasive academics have sought to “tame” self-determination as both principle and practice: retaining the term but altering its meaning from a source of threat into a resource for containing it.

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מאמר זה בוחן סטטיסטית את שתי ההשערות בהקשר של המזרח התיכון וצפון אפריקה (המזה"ת) בן זמננו.

אנו מראים שבמזה"ת דמוקרטיות נוטות להיות חשופות יותר הן לפריצה והן להתרחשות של סכסוכים אלימים פנים מדינתיים.

While the individual’s freedom of conscience draws mainly on positive liberty (from within), conscientious politics also requires emancipation from without.

However, conscientious politics are not necessarily harmonious or liberal, nor does liberalism necessarily entail free conscience. This brief response to Greenfeld’s caveat submits that public justification is not omnipresent, but can extend, and has extended, beyond the modern, liberal West.

This paper, an introduction to a special issue, sketches a broad frame for studying public justification.

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