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In South Bend Lathe's case, the affordability of machine tools from Taiwan or China mixes with the desirability of certain German and Japanese components (such as spindle bearings) and higher standards (compared to many Taiwanese or Chinese brands) in terms of tolerances, inspection, features, and rigidity.

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So I wonder if the sping is the correct one in this pistol.

I haven't been successful in stuffing the sping into the bore yet and may have to make some kind of tool to do it or get another spring to see if the replacement one has a smaller OD. There's a guy in Spain that sells parts for most Spanish guns.

google it, it pops right up I have a .22 caliber Llama semi auto - basically a mini 1911 that is missing the recoil spring plug - the part at the muzzle end of the recoil spring that is captivated by the bushing.

Seems much to thin to be a reliable part so I think it must be a solid part, like a short spring guide with a shoulder for the bushing.

Their niche in the manual-control machine tool market is what marketers sometimes term the "mass luxury" segment of a market, where low-end affordability blends into high-end desirability in just such a combination that buyers sense highest value there.

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