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This seems like a cruel joke to play on a whole bunch of tech savvy guys on a dating site while they’re attending the yearly conference where maybe — — they get to cut loose with some Tinder strange.This instantly calls to mind the strange case of Samantha West, the call bank robot that is manipulated by an operator triggering pre-programmed responses.Bitter Lime , February 15, 2011 (UTC) I dont mean to be annoying, but there is so much pics and content on the trolls and so little on the kids.

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I'm 0kay with Roboleg Tavros but normal legs are fine too.

I think, in general, it should be the introduction sprite, but his wheelchair doesn't fit in with the other standing sprites well.

.235 , March 9, 2013 (UTC) Okay so Marquise is in this session.

Does this mean all (Except Condece who is the replacement for the Black Queen now) the ancestors are in this session?

Samantha sounds like a real person in conversation, even if the actual dialogue veers from what would be normal.

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