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So far, I find the same lack of evidence for it having been a "wharf" as for Tiwanaku having ever been a port.

In my opinion, the claim that Tiwanaku was port with a wharf is nothing more than the wishful thinking by Posnansky (1943) for which proof is lacking.

In order to do this type of analysis, the structure have to be undisturbed by prehistoric and historic alteration and reconstruction.

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This claim has become part of the mythology surrounding Tiwanaku that various authors blindly repeat without evaluating the facts for themselves.

[NOTE: The actual lake port was at Iwawe which was connected to Tiwanaku by a land road (Browman 1981).] AD, long after Plato. It is not that his "view" that is unpopular among archaeologists. Kolata, Alan L., 1993, The Tiwanaku: portrait of an Andean civilization. Kolata, Alan L., 1996, Tiwanaku and Its Hinterland: Archaeology and Paleoecology of an Andean Civilization, University of Chicago, Chicago. Heinrich All comments are the [email protected] opinion of the writer and Baton Rouge, LA do not constitute policy and/or opinion of government or corporate entities. "To persons uninstructed in natural history, their country or seaside stroll is a walk through a gallery filled with wonderful works of art, nine-tenths of which have their faces turned to the wall." - T.

Originally the entire area within the boundaries of these columns was paved with carefully cut and fitted stones, but between the natives and the railway builders, who found these paving blocks most useful for their purposes, scarcely a trace of the ancient pavement now remains.

Originally, also, the upright columns were connected or capped by timbers or other stones, for the tops are carefully and accurately mortised, evidently with the purpose of supporting lintels. Verrill, A., 1929, the Oldest City in the New World.

I have read of Wisconsin, Antarctica, the North Atlantic, and numerous other places being claimed to be the site of Atlantis.

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