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Don't get the guy ****ing down or nervous, if it doesn't work out it doesn't, but theres no use pre-screwing up this. Jeans, clean basic t-shirt (black is always a good choice because its neutral and looks good on most anybody). I followed the advice above; if she's as open minded as I think, put theory to practice and wear what I would wear to look nice. First little bit was awkward like first convos are, right? She likes all the movies I like, she read LOTR when she was in grade 6, she's read a bunch of the fantasy and **** I used to read so we could chat about that. Anyway, despite that I wasn't totally turned on by her at first. I wore a simple blue sports coat and white dress shirt and jeans. We arrived way early so it was empty, so we could drink a bit and chat.

Just to be clear: I'm not looking to score, or hit it and quit it. I just want to make a friend and (possibly) score later. If you've ever met real ones, they're very accepting and tolerant and kind. Now, here's the question: how the hell should I dress? I won't ask how I should act, cause I know I'll just act the way I do (cocky/funny, but mostly white knight. She was on her P so we couldn't do much, but you can do a lot through a pair of light black pants, if you know what you're doing. Yet, at this point it's less exciting, cause you know you can have her. How many girls do you know that wear sports coats with a dress shirt? She's got a cute little thin body (more on that in a bit).

(Cliffs below.) Okay, this is not my real account, I'm smurfing for a reason. Cliffs: - meeting a goth for drinks - don't know how to dress. Which is cool, cause I've fooled around with a couple guys too. So I start nibbling on her neck, and she's grinding into me, we're picking out girls she wants to ****, I tease her by almost introducing her to them (she's ultra-shy).

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**** Atheist Alliance **** **Holds metal part of the car door awkwardly in order to avoid static shock crew** **Sometimes I have the girl version of wet dreams crew** **Anti-circumcision/Pro-foreskin crew**Okay, here goes. I'm into more mature stuff now, but that gave us a footing at least.

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