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Hi All, I’m interested in seeing how many Cuban-Foreigner marriages have lasted for more than a couple of years following departure from Cuba….how many have ended in divorce within a couple/three years….. But I also know the conditions that the Cuban people have to endure in their country. They see “rich” tourists in their country and are definately seduced by the potential for material gain and travel.

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It is more a reflection of the human experience, and people wanting to be ‘heard’ when they are discontent…and the happy ones, merrily strolling through life…not making posts of their positive experience. I decided to return for one week, first week of this April because I needed to explore more this relationship and I was very sceptic but in love.

I asked my father about him, because they have a very close relationship, and my father assured me that he always talked about me and had feelings for me for years.

So what, a few people, I'm talking about the Mestizo (Mexican, central american, Hispanic south american) population in general.

And Plus I don't know if that's true about Vergara, she dated a couple white guys. And when I lived in the Miami area, I didn't see much racism, it is truly a melting pot down there.

Eva Longoria is Mexican and she was married to a Black man. There is a Mexican porn actress named Luscious Lopez that only does sex scenes with Black men.

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