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Meanwhile, Tina tells Shirley that she’s already confessed to Billy, so now she needs to tell the police.

Tina heads to the police station with Billy but Shirley stops them in their tracks.

Wondering whether now is the time to tell Ian the news that she’s pregnant with his grandchild, Abi brings up the idea with Donna, who thinks she should bide her time. When Ian reveals Abi’s baby news to Max, he seems shocked – is he worried that Abi will find out he was blackmailing Steven?

Phil is in a bad mood when he finds out that Ben’s invited Luke to Louise’s birthday meal, and they end up having a tense dinner.

The photographs and videos were in all three categories of seriousness including 650 photos and 282 movies in the most serious group. He had used peer-to-peer software to access images, had a programme which enabled him to capture images to make video copies and used chat rooms.

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