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It’s actually a comical routine that we’ve developed that involves a lot of stops, checking of GPS hotel locations, asking local opinions and making a spectacle of ourselves to the entertainment of the locals.

Thursday night was no exception and we found ourselves riding in the dark to a recommended resort only to have the guard tell us it was full. We saw a sign to another resort hotel and back tracked to that place.

In the end it worked out and we found ourselves in nice little stand-alone buildings.

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Chatroulette diamond consolidating work

On the way Deby added a Moto Raid sticker to a gas station window.

Crossing into Honduras Just to give you an idea of what a border crossing is like I gathered the collective memory of the group at dinner and took notes of exactly what we went through today.

Saturday February 2, 2013, Thursday we left Rio Hondo with the group back intact for our ride to the border of El Salvador.

We knew that border crossings can be difficult and the El Salvador crossing was the worst one yet.

Golfing season is here and players are always looking for that extra edge to improve their game.

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