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She’s just ordered the house burger (with bacon and cheese) and fries. Better yet would be someone who actually lives the same lifestyle!

You carefully scan the menu to find a muscle-friendly option and then order the grilled chicken breast, baked yam and mixed-green salad with balsamic dressing on the side; your date stares at you with a look of confusion and embarrassment. What you need is someone who understands your love of the iron, a woman who gets why you put your body through such pain, a woman who won’t complain or get jealous every time you hit the gym.

“Not only does the site ask what your specific area of fitness is, it asks you what level you’re at,” Mattioli says.

“You rate your abilities within that category from 1–5.

We are the largest global site in the fitness-dating category.” Fitness Singles caters to six major countries: USA, Canada, U. According to Mattioli, members often look beyond their time zone to find a match.

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