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In JAKE's corner, JOEY stands and yells at JAKE: JOEY A grand apiece! The GAMBLERS call out new odds; ten to one for REEVES, the underdog. JOEY (to Cop) Hey Jimmy, here's a dollar for your trouble.

REEVES slides away, jabbing, punching, piling up points. JAKE suddenly corners REEVES and unleashes a desperate, wild alley-fighting attack. The SPECTATORS go wild; everyone's up for the kill. The REFEREE counts: REFEREE One, two, three, four... (joking, he knows the Cop) Hey kids, "A cop is a rat." Remember that, "A rat." The KIDS yell.

They are intercut with CLOSE-UPS of a fighter's body.

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I'd eat it before it came out of the cow -- that's how I'd wait. JAKE AND IRMA'S APARTMENT BUILDING/TENEMENT - DAY SALVY and JOEY approach the building. He's got such a thick head, I'd like to crack it open myself.

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