Backup exec job status says updating

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SYNCSORT Copying a VB file using OUTREC Error in Run jcl 04E - 00E40071 please help me, with my program cobol jcl in zos 1.6 ispf how can the VSAM files can be viewed through ISPF?

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backup exec job status says updating-2

Export data into an Excel sheet from a flat file.....

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How to open a PDS EDIT/Browse/VIew mode DDIO allocation Error COMP-3 field to NUMERIC FIELD SORT with ABEND=S000 U0016 Length of EIBCALEN What is the use of FILLER in cobol programming...

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Option for tracking code during compiling The system or user abend S806 R=00000004 Can You Solve These Puzzles?

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