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However, eventually it expanded to faster music and many different dance positions. There are a large number of movements for bachata dancing that can be executed in either a smooth style or with a slight hop.The music is often lively, light Caribbean style music with a distinctive beat.Dominican artist Crystal Rodriguez has made it her personal mission to deconstruct and decolonize her relationship with her hair and body.

Pajon comic; Issue 2// Pagina 1: Getting ready to go to a family event...

You cry because your mom laid out media-panties (stockings) on your bed and you hate those because they squeeze your belly and remind you of "fajas" 😰and the tightness of the media-panties makes you feel fat and the women in your life make fat sound like the worst lowest thing you could be.

Bachata dance styles originated in the Dominican Republic in the late 1950’s.

This dance genre is danced as a three step ending in a tap on the 4th beat with Cuban hip motions. Originally, it was similar to a bolero with slow music and mostly closed position.

Pajon comic🌼Pagina 5.//La Niña who once hated her "squiggly" hair grew to love herself regardless of anyone's actions.

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