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Sunbathers, intent on their beach novels and bikini straps, ignored the young naturalist illustrator as he used his sandal to nudge a cluster of crab eggs still damp from the sea.“These puff up like little balls when they dry in the sun,” he said. La República Oriental del Uruguay is an accident of geography and jealousy.

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“Playa is about bringing Uruguay into the twenty-first century, while Estancia is an homage to traditional culture and nature,” explained Vik, a Norwegian entrepreneur whose extended family has Uruguayan roots.

“It’s a way to showcase the two facets of Uruguay within a short distance of each other.” At the heart of Playa Vik is a titanium-and-glass-clad building dubbed Sculpture—all rigid, angular surfaces, with a cantilevered pool deck facing the steely towers of Punta to the west.

The most important product for proper flat tappet camshaft break-in available.

This is true for both hydraulic and mechanical flat tappet camshafts.

Designed by Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott, the complex is an aggressive visual statement.

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