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So let's start with a brief discussion of what is a myth.For this discussion, I will define a myth as "any unscientific account, theory or belief" (source: Webster's New World Dictionary).They are usually based on unrepresentative samples or stereotypes and are espoused by so-called experts who have enough credibility with the general public to be believed.

You have all probably heard a few of these in your own time such as: I certainly don't know where these originate, but in general, they seem to be believed by a lot of people.

What I do know is that these beliefs are not based on fact, or any scientific account.

In my opinion, to say that ageplay must involve a D/s relationship is a mistake.

Ageplay does not necessarily involve another person nor does there have to be a D/s relationship.

We don't to involve real children, just emulate them for reasons that I hope will become clearer later in this discussion. Some common ones are Mommy, Daddy, Aunt, Uncle, Teacher, Nanny, Principal, Coach, Nurse, Doctor, etc.

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