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The heavily pregnant tennis champ - who is thought to be due at the end of August - hit the gym on Wednesday for yet another grueling workout.

In a video posted on Snapchat, the 35-year-old can be seen bouncing a medicine ball and using a sled push.

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— April the giraffe showed “significant movement” in her pregnant belly on Wednesday as she creeps closer to giving birth at a New York zoo.

The video was initially removed after animal rights activists flagged the videos as “sexually explicit.” “What this has done is pulled an educational tool away from tens of millions of individuals. You have harmed the species’ survival more than you could ever recognize,” a zoo official said on a Facebook live video Thursday after the takedown.

Serena famously won the Australian Open in January while two months pregnant.

In an interview with Gayle King back in April, as reported by ET Online, the stunning star revealed she'd only discovered she was pregnant just a few days before taking to the tennis court.

“I really don’t pay that much attention to it,” she said. They’ve got theirs and I’ve got mine.” She has tried every way to quit without success, she said. Emmett III weighed 5 pounds, 2 ounces at birth and measured 18.5 inches in length. Muse is 49, a big man in a camouflage jacket who has applied for disability because of a back injury he suffered in car wreck several years ago.

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