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still a bit confused about the definition of seizure free and whether that means absolutely no dizzy spells (simple partial) or just the ones that impair consciousness (complex partial and worse)?

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2) From what I understand, there are many others who just suddenly as an adult experience seizures, even tonic-clonic ones.

In the forums, there are many postings by new-to-this adults who have just recently had their first seizure, out of the blue.

It was grand mal, but not as severe as some of the others I've had.

A week ago, at a job I've had for almost a year, I had probably one of the worst grand mals I've had.

Remember, everyone is here to help and create awareness, which leads to action and then holding yourself accountable. if you dont already have a good calendar, get one where you can make sure to write down your drs. and get a medalert bracelet in case it happens when you are out on your own.

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