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Steve Carell is one of those familiar faces - you sort-of know him, but can't quite place the name.He does a lot of supporting work, but has gained a little familiarity as a result of appearing in NBC-TV's version of The Office (he's the boss) and Will Farrell's Anchorman (he's the clueless weatherman).

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Men will immediately sympathize with Andy's "morning problem" and (some) women will smile at Beth's alternative use of a detachable shower head (gives new meaning to the term "multi-tasker").

There's a priceless speed-dating encounter (ever experienced a moment when you can't look away?

At age 40, he's a virgin, but his salesman buddies - David (Paul Rudd), Jay (Romany Malco), and Cal (Seth Rogen) - are determined to change that.

Enter Trish (Catherine Keener) and Beth (Elizabeth Banks), two likely candidates.

The 40 Year Old Virgin is proof that motion picture comedies can still be funny.

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