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Finally, in 1978 the project was deemed economically & environmentally unsound, and the government, instead of selling back the remaining 83 homes to original owners, transferred the properties to the National Park Service.The Delaware River was placed under the protection of the Scenic Rivers Act.A smaller surrounding recreation area, to make a more "cost effective" dam, would be administered by the National Park Service.

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From 1978 to 1983 a series of public hearings were held to decide what to do with the park.

Finally the Land Protection Plan was created which evolved into the Park Service's General Management Plan.

Some of the more visible historical homes were temporarily spared only to be destroyed by squatters and arsonists.

For 18 years the valley was the site of a bizarre free-for-all with an unpredictable outcome.

S., from a point below the Gap to the New York State border.

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